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Eczema, how to help naturally.

Eczema sucks!!!! Eczema is such a complicated problem & it's not well understood. It is common however for anyone suffering from eczema to have or develop other allergies. 3 in 10 infants with eczema & a family history of allergies will develop a food allergy. 4 in 10 develop asthma and/or hay fever. Sadly eczema is on… Continue reading Eczema, how to help naturally.


Use of topical corticosteroids for eczema

Before reading this blog post I just want you to know that if you are struggling with eczema or have a loved one suffering from eczema, I'm sorry. I know how horrible it is & I hope you can find your triggers & heal soon. Our son Lakyn is now free from eczema (unless he… Continue reading Use of topical corticosteroids for eczema

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Detox bath for eczema & the whole family

I LOVE a good bath!!! Who doesn't??? Soaking away in a warm bath, relaxing your body & your muscles, reading a book, having a wine, or just simply closing your eyes & having some alone time. I suggest not drinking while having a detox bath but go for it any other time 🙂 I have a… Continue reading Detox bath for eczema & the whole family


Changing diet to help eczema.

Please seek medical advise before changing yours or your children's diet. We have seen Doctors, Allergists, Dieticians & Naturopaths before our big change. I never thought about food when it came to eczema, Doctors never mention it nor do they recommend changing diet to help it. The only thing doc's say will help eczema is steroids. (so… Continue reading Changing diet to help eczema.


Reflection, Eczema & Steroid withdrawal

I never really knew what eczema was like, my daughter had a few little spots in the creases of her arms and legs when she was young. I took her down to the chemist & they gave me some cortisone which cleared it up. Only reappearing once or twice a year. This is what I thought… Continue reading Reflection, Eczema & Steroid withdrawal

Eczema, Food allergies & Intolerances

Food effecting eczema

You know its funny, Doctors and allergists told us not to avoid any foods & that if Lakyn did react to food, eczema wouldn't kill him. Also said "It was a bit silly to deprive him of such foods." For about three months Lakyn had a clear runny nose, coughing and puffy eyes. I had been… Continue reading Food effecting eczema

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What we use instead of bleach baths for eczema

Our allergist refers us to the eczema clinic at the royal children's. It has great reviews but I still decided NOT to go, ever!!!!! The way they help eczema is with steroids and bleach baths. NO THANKS!!!! When I first heard of bleach baths for eczema I thought what the f#@k!!!!!! Just look at the… Continue reading What we use instead of bleach baths for eczema


1 year itch.. 1 year of topical steroid withdrawal and healing.

Just looking at pictures of others going through topical steroid withdrawal is enough to scare the crap out of you. But knowing that others had been through it and come out the other end made it so much easier for us to decide to stop. If we can help others see that there is a… Continue reading 1 year itch.. 1 year of topical steroid withdrawal and healing.