MY KIDS LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! 🥜 who doesn't, it's smooth, creamy, salty nutty goodness!!! They eat it by the spoonful.  So I thought why not show the kids how it's actually made, like the fact it really is made from peanuts. (The first time we popped real pop corn kernels they were so utterly surprised… Continue reading HOMEMADE PEANUT BUTTER

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Bone Broth

You have probably heard about Bone Broth & how it's so amazingly good for you and if you haven't then I'll tell you now. BONE BROTH IS SOOOOO AMAZINGLY GOOD FOR YOU, Everyone should make it & add it to their daily meals. It's great for anyone even if you don't have gut problems. Our… Continue reading Bone Broth

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apple cider vinegar = magic

I love apple cider vinegar it can be used so many ways & has so many amazing benefits. If you haven't got some in your cupboard you will want to after reading this 🙂 Excellent for home cleaning, it has antimicrobial properties & is 100% chemical free. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR HOME CLEANING SPRY RECIPE SPRAY… Continue reading apple cider vinegar = magic

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Banana Oat Cake

If your anything like me & have bananas everywhere. In the freezer for smoothies & ice cream or in the bowl becoming overripe. Even smooshed in the kids bags. (YUCK but true) You seriously need to whip up this bad boy. You will not regret it. I would say this recipe is Healthy, so why… Continue reading Banana Oat Cake

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Detox bath for eczema & the whole family

I LOVE a good bath!!! Who doesn't??? Soaking away in a warm bath, relaxing your body & your muscles, reading a book, having a wine, or just simply closing your eyes & having some alone time. I suggest not drinking while having a detox bath but go for it any other time 🙂 I have a… Continue reading Detox bath for eczema & the whole family

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Allergy friendly Beetroot Falafel

    I love Falafels and my kids love these! BONUS.. Plus allergy friendly = extra BONUS!!! Falafels are normally deep fried & served with hummus & tahini sauce, they are also great served in a pita with garlic sauce. I serve mine with salad and home made tzatziki which is super simple to make… Continue reading Allergy friendly Beetroot Falafel

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Allergy friendly Banana french toast YUUUUM!!!

Ok so my son can't eat a lot of things & he is allergic to eggs. So here it is, the amazing banana french toast that he and the rest of the family love and I'm sure you will too. Tastes soooo good and kids love mixing and mashing. BANANA FRENCH TOAST RECIPE .2 slices… Continue reading Allergy friendly Banana french toast YUUUUM!!!