When you find out your little one has a food allergy it’s scary.

You ask yourself so many questions. Why has this happened? Is it something I did or ate when I was pregnant? Could I have done something to prevent it? How am I going to deal with this? How am I going to stop or prevent my little one from having a reaction? How am I going to keep them safe?

The most common allergens are egg, cow’s milk, peanut, tree nuts, seafood, sesame, soy, fish and wheat. Luckily our lit man is only allergic to egg.


  1. Always carry our child’s medication with you. Keep some at home & some in their bag so you don’t forget it.
  2. Always carry your child’s safe foods out & about just incase you need it.
  3. Keep the allergens away from your house or if you need them keep them out of reach. As your child gets older & more understanding you could even have safe spots & unsafe spots in your fridge & pantry.
  4. Let your family & friend know what happens to your child when the react. Also what needs to be done if they have a reaction. If others haven’t been around others with allergies before they may have no idea about what can actually happen.
  5. When your child is invited to parties always chat to the parent about your child’s allergy & ask if you can take a plate of safe foods to share so your child feels like they can eat something everyone else is eating.
  6. When going out to a restaurant always take safe foods just incase or call in advance. Ask the staff to ask the chef what if safe for your child to eat.
  7. When looking at childcare or kinder choose a centre you feel has a good food allergy plan in place.
  8. When travelling always take safe foods with you.
  9. Learn the different names of your child’s food allergen on food labels.
  10. Teach your child not to share food & talk to your child’s  friends parents & ask them to teach their children about allergies & the importance of not sharing. Also ask teachers & child care to in force no sharing.

Shockingly Food allergies are on the rise in Australia & hospitalisations for food allergies have risen by 50% in 10 years. 

To me this is just absolutely crazy & absurd. How can this be? What’s being done about it? How can we help?

But with most health problems research concentrates on a cure & not the cause.

Why are we not looking at why it’s on the rise? What has changed with our food, whats been added? Just looking in the supermarket you will find a small section of fresh food & a huge range of packaged & processed food like products. We aren’t really eating real food anymore. Could this be the problem?  Our fruit & veg is sprayed with chemicals, the soil it’s grown in depleted of the minerals it once had.

Could this be why? I don’t know. I’m just a mum with a child with a food allergy. A mum who has looked into a lot of food ingredients & realised what we were once eating was crap. Sometimes harmful chemicals. So now we try to eat as naturally as we can. I now know I would much rather know whats in our food.

So if you have just found out your little one has an allergy or multiple allergies then you are most definitely not alone. There is a huge amount of others going through the same thing.

I hope you find our tips helpful & please feel free to share away if you have someone in your life who may find them useful 🙂

Ali xx




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