I love apple cider vinegar it can be used so many ways & has so many amazing benefits.

If you haven’t got some in your cupboard you will want to after reading this ūüôā

Excellent for home cleaning, it has antimicrobial properties & is 100% chemical free.

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  • 1 part ACV
  • 1 part water
  • optional. lemon juice, alcohol, salt or essential oils.
  • baking soda & vinegar¬†will impact the bacteria killing properties so if using on food surfaces leave the baking soda out & add if cleaning oven or drains.


  • BATHTUB – use¬†mix above, perfect with ¬†lavender or eucalyptus essential oils.
  • FRIDGE¬†– use mix above, perfect with lemon essential oils



  • TOILET –¬†add 2 cups of ACV¬†add hot water and sit for hard stains.
  • WASHING MACHINE¬†– add 1-2 cups in empty cycle. To remove musty smell or sanitize your¬†clothes add 1 cup to the wash cycle.
  • CHOPPING BOARDS – wipe down with straight ACV¬†to help keep bacteria free.
  • Remove stickers, remove ink stains, etc.


  • TOILET – ¬†pour ACV into the toilet, and allow it to sit overnight.
  • DISHWASHER¬†as a substitute for dish detergent. Mix ¬Ĺ cup of ACV with 1 cup water. and you can use this solution to clean MICROWAVES, KITCHEN SURFACES, WINDOWS¬†and MIRRORS.


  • ECZEMA – 1 part ACV with one part water. If that is still too strong, ¬ľ cup ACV to 3 cups water & keep diluting if too strong. (can sting) .Apply the mixture to the affected skin with a cotton ball, or lightly spray it with a spray bottle. Apply the ACV treatment twice a day for the best results. Can add to bath water, add 1 – 2 cups to bath.
  • HAIR¬†– ¬Ĺ Tbsp¬†ACV and 1 cup of cold water. Rinse after shampoo for body & shine. ¬†Pour the solution through your hair after shampooing.
  • SKIN – regulates ph with¬†¬†1 part acv 2 parts water. Replace your toner and use at night & in the morning.
  • ACNE –¬†¬†one part ACV to three parts water,¬†soak a cotton pad in this mixture and apply it directly to your face after you‚Äôve washed it. Do this twice daily.
  • TEETH¬†– Whiten with ACV,¬†gargle¬†then rinse & brush as normal.
  • AFTERSHAVE¬†– equal parts water & ACV.
  • SUNBURN- add 1 cup ACV to bath.
  • MASSAGE¬†– help tired feet & hands by massaging with ACV.
  • SORE THROAT –¬†swallow one teaspoon of ACV¬†an hour before bed, then another half an hour later, then another right before you hop in bed.
  • WARTS- soak cotton ball in ACV,¬†stick to wart and leave overnight, continue until wart falls off & repeat for a few more days.
  • PETS FLEAS-¬†One part ACV¬†and one part water can be sprayed on your pets’ fur and rubbed in generously to the skin. Saturate the entire coat, and continue every day for a few days to a week.
  • WEIGHT LOSS, BALANCE BODY SYSTEM & DETOX- add ¬†2 tsp acv to 2 cups of water & sip throughout the day.
  • BALANCE BODY SYSTEM¬†–¬†Apple cider vinegar helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level
  • DETOX¬†– ACV can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver.
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM -ACV can help to break up mucus throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes.
  • HEARTBURN-¬†there is research suggesting that apple cider vinegar works by correcting low acid, hence reducing heartburn. Natural remedy experts say you should begin to feel relief very shortly after taking 1 teaspoon of ACV followed by a glass of water. Note that ACV will not give relief if you have an ulcer.


If you live in Australia, you can grab some apple cider vinegar & so much, much more here.

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