About us

Hey I’m Ali, my youngest child has a food allergy to egg & suffered terribly from eczema.

We have helped him heal from eczema through steroid withdrawal, diet & natural products only.

He is such a different little boy now & I am so grateful we went on the difficult journey to help him. He is our inspiration & drive.

We have changed everything about our lifestyle from the food & water we drink, to the personal care products & chemicals we use in our home & love helping others live a natural lifestyle also.

Naturally thriving came together after I started researching how to heal eczema naturally. Our son’s eczema was becoming worse & worse & he developed asthma. We were shocked at the amount of chemicals that were in our food and personal care & home cleaning products and decided to get rid of them all.

We also found a dermatologist in America who talked about steroid addiction & withdrawal & thought our son’s story matched exactly what he was talking about. So we stopped steroids & put our son on a healing elimination diet & changed everything in our home to natural products.

He now is free of eczema & asthma & we have found his triggers. We wanted to share our story with anyone who was suffering the same issues & If we could help just one person it would be worth it.

We opened up our online shop early 2016 to help anyone wanting to live a natural lifestyle. So if your living in Australia & want to live naturally everyday check out our shop at Naturally Thriving.

IMG_3976If you would like to chat feel free to contact us at hello@naturallythriving.com.au

DISCLAIMER: The views & opinions on this site are of personal circumstances only & are products that have worked for us. I am not a medical professional & please seek medical advice before changing diet or stopping medication. We are all individuals & are unique, some things work for some & will not work for others.



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