Changing diet to help eczema.

Please seek medical advise before changing yours or your children’s diet. We have seen Doctors, Allergists, Dieticians & Naturopaths before our big change.


I never thought about food when it came to eczema, Doctors never mention it nor do they recommend changing diet to help it. The only thing doc’s say will help eczema is steroids. (so frustrating for a parent when you know your child is getting worse & worse. We would use the steroids & as soon as we stopped his eczema would be back, worse than the time before. Eventually he developed asthma & doc’s said this was normal for a child with eczema.)

When we were at wits end, researching online & trying to find out what could be causing laky’s eczema so many different things came up. Eczema is triggered by so many different things from dust, mould, trees, animals, grasses the list could go on. Leaving it up to us, down to trial & error. Then we started looking at how to heal eczema naturally. We started to realise we needed to heal his gut. Heal him from the inside. Plus we found that in fact the steroids could be making it worse.

Thinking about changing Laky’s diet & stopping the steroids to help him was overwhelming & scary, but we were willing to try anything to help him. We were lucky enough to have changed Laky’s diet while he was still young enough not to know what junk foods & sweets were. He was eating everything at the time but was still at an age were we hadn’t given him lollies & chocolate, sugary drinks & also preservatives & additives etc. Plus with his allergy to egg we had to keep a lot of foods away from him already.

I must admit though it was super hard at the start, I often thought, what am I going to feed him?? We were taking away Wheat, Dairy, Soy, all preservatives, additives & also natural chemicals. (found in fruit & veg) We also incorporated probiotics & bone broth into his diet, helping to heal the gut.


We also decided to buy organic fruit & veg, drink cleaner water & buy organic or grass fed meat. (Obviously this is not always possible) We wanted to give Laky the best chance of getting well & avoid chemicals & toxins where possible. Also avoiding processed, packaged food, & also any foods with GM ingredients.

Luckily we have an amazing organic shop & also an organic butcher near us who make sausages without preservatives & they are gluten free which is fantastic. (Just ask your local butcher & he should be able to make some for you). Plus my husband works near a grass fed, chemical free butcher. It is a lot more expensive than regular meat so we only buy the cheapest meats available on a regular basis & on special occasions will buy other products. The supermarket organic meet & veg is much more expensive than a specialist shop so shopping around helps.

Eliminating wheat was the hardest for us. Trying to bake with gluten free flours was tough for me, because we are so used to the taste of processed white flour everything tasted a bit funny. Luckily laky loved everything I made him, can’t say it for the rest of the little friends that came around. they hated it, haha. Two days after we stopped wheat Laky’s asthma stoped. We could not believe it. No more asthma and he hasn’t had it since. When we first introduced wheat back into his diet he had an eczema flare. He can tolerate it a lot better now, but only a little at a time.

The things Laky has reacted to when reintroducing are, Wheat, Soy, Coconut, Tomatoes, Sausages(preservative), Rice biscuits/cakes.  He can now tolerate all of these things unless he has too much. Therefore I believe healing laky’s gut has played a huge part of his success in healing his eczema.

Finding natural alternatives at the supermarket isn’t as hard as you may think. Looking at packaging is time consuming at the start, but I now know what to buy & what not to buy. Once you find it simply make the switch. Some items won’t have a natural alternative unless you make it yourself.

I have a great app, chemical maze, type the ingredient or number in & it tells you if its ok or not, what it is, what it’s made from, what it does to your body, symtoms or reactions etc. It’s great also for educating children so they know whats in food & they can start making informed decisions.

People often ask how we can afford to buy organic, believe it or not sometimes items are cheaper than the supermarket.. We waste hardly anything, plus we save as we are not buying junk or packaged foods your tempted to buy at the supermarket.

A few tips if your wanting to change to organic foods.

.Check out the dirty dozen and decide for yourself what you would like to buy organic & what foods you could buy from the fruit shop or supermarket.

.Only buy whats in season.

.If there is a bulk special on fruit or veg, as its on its way out, buy it, cut up fruit then freeze for smoothies & slushies, cook the veg into sauces or blanch and freeze, or make a big batch of dinner & freeze.

.meal plan after you have been to the shops, you then know what meat & veg you have to work with.

.when having roast chicken, make soup with the left over chicken & carcass.

.We always make left overs, great for next day lunch or if enough freeze for another night.

. We buy the juicing carrots & they are more than fine to eat & use in cooking, we get ours in 2kg bag for $2.99.


We found these to be great resources also

fed up

the eczema diet


chemical maze app

If you or your loved ones are suffering from eczema I sincerely hope you can find your triggers & hope you have found this blog post helpful.

Ali xx


The views and opinions on this blog are of personal circumstances only and are things that have worked for us.  I am not a medical professional and Please understand individuals are unique, some conditions are life threatening and do require medical attention. Always seek medical advise before changing your diet or stopping medication.


















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