Reflection, Eczema & Steroid withdrawal

I never really knew what eczema was like, my daughter had a few little spots in the creases of her arms and legs when she was young. I took her down to the chemist & they gave me some cortisone which cleared it up. Only reappearing once or twice a year. This is what I thought eczema was & how it was for everyone. Boy was I wrong.


(Bath time was not a fun time :()

Now I know the struggle, the horrible crazy itchy monster that eczema is and I hate it. It takes over your body, your life, your day, your night, your wallet the list could go on. I know Laky hasn’t had the worst case of eczema and there is so many of you who have suffered or have watched your loved ones or someone you know suffer worse cases & I feel such heart ache for you, & hope you can get through the other side soon.

I know for sure that I could never cope with what Laky has in his little life & no one could know what its truly like unless they go through it themselves.

Before we decided to stop steroids & put him through the steroid withdrawal process, from a few months old we were constantly applying steroids. When we stopped the eczema would return, worse & often in a new spot, spreading slowing. Doctors would say we were not using enough, telling us to use more. We started researching how to heal eczema naturally, seeing others had done it. When we spoke to doctors about stopping certain foods they told us they did not advise us to do so. Confusing us & making us question what we had learned. Lakyn developed asthma & the doctors said this was normal for children who have eczema. I hated the fact I couldn’t help him.

We saw a naturopath who told us using steroids to treat eczema would only cover up the problem therefore wreaking havoc on your other organs coursing asthma. It made so much sense, yet made me so mad doctors would just cover up the problem with a drug. (Now I know, its not their fault as this is all they know & are taught). We also found around this time, they help people with RSS(red skin syndrome, aka Topical Steroid Addiction & Withdrawal, is a debilitating condition that can arise from the use of topical steroid creams to treat a skin problem such as eczema. Check this website out if you think it could help you 🙂

We decided to listen to our gut, he was getting worse & we had to try & help him. We decided to stop steroids, we were scared, we had read about others who were going through or had been through the withdrawal process & it looked so horrible, they looked like they were in so much pain and were extremely itchy. Doctors didn’t agree with what we were doing, family & friends thought we were a little crazy. We did it anyway. It was & still is super tough but thank god we did. We also placed Laky on a very strict diet. After two days without wheat his asthma stopped.

I have slept with Laky since he was young & still do so I can catch him scratching. For months he was up every night for a good four hours with uncontrollable itchy flares. I would often cry with him & prey for a miracle, while little tears ran down his face. Nothing would stop his itch. He wore mits during the day whenever he would scratch, in the car, & all night.  As the months went by the itching became less intense, I could walk him & rock him or stroke him but if I stopped he would scratch. There were nights I would be doing this until my alarm went off for work. I soon gave up my job as it was all too much. I don’t know how we coped to be honest. The hardest part for me was not being able to help him, its so hard to watch your child suffer. Looking at him now we forget how bad he really was, until we look at a photo & it all comes back.

Laky is such a trooper, he is now such a different, happy & much less itchy boy to what he was back then. It was the hardest thing we as a family have had to endure,  I feel good knowing we were there for him every step of the way. He is still up every night & hasn’t slept a night in his 3 & a half years. There are times I feel like I can’t cope, but mostly I’m ok. He is a lot easier to help now with a stroke on his itchy spots he soon goes off to sleep, up anywhere between half an hour to an hour at night. I’m looking forward to the day I wake up & realise we have both slept all night without itching.  IMG_5641

(check out my clear skin, only flares in a few spots now when I eat something that effects me)

I hope by reading this and my other posts you can feel a little less alone, their are so many people struggling with eczema yet sometimes it feels your the only one. I hope to bring awareness to others that for some, steroids is not the way. We live such a different lifestyle to before in all aspects of our life & hope to share with others our journey to a more natural life so we can then thrive.

Ali xx

DISCLAIMER -Please understand I am not a medical professional, The views and opinions on this blog are of personal circumstances only and are things that have worked for us. All individuals are different and some conditions are life threatening and do require medical intervention.





3 Replies to “Reflection, Eczema & Steroid withdrawal”

    1. Hi Greg,
      I believe steroids were most definitely making his eczema worse. I believe if I hadn’t stopped steroids we would still be battling the never ending cycle of not being able to stop. He most definitely had to withdraw from them but I also believe if we had not changed his diet we would not have seen healing so quickly.
      He is only allergic to eggs, & when introducing foods back into his diet we would see a reaction immediately. He can now tolerate a lot of those foods as we have kept him on his healing diet.
      Its hard to say and pin point what you would blame, food or steroids?? Maybe both? I can only write about my own experience as every person is different. I would say steroids may work for some, like my daughter but most def did not help my son. A lot of people are going through the steroid withdrawal process and not changing diet and also seeing results


  1. Your actions have definitely turned life around for Lakyn. Removing steroids the best thing you did as they only a band aid. Healing his gut and change of
    Diet has worked amazingly. As his grandmother I have seen this first hand.


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